Why not work with me! Here are words my coworkers, community partners and fellow makers have used to describe me...

  • Sparkly, joyful, heartwarming
    — Irina, Frameworq, fellow crafter
  • Awesome, creative, enthusiastic
    — Lisemari, Capilano U, coworker
  • Creative, energetic, encouraging
    — Surya, Capilano U, instructor
  • Creative, outgoing, funny
    — Darren, Capilano U, boss
  • Warm, creative, tenacious
    — Mikale, Crafternoon partner
  • Flair, enthusiasm, creativity
    — Clare, Crafternoon participant

One & two liners that describe working with me...

When we first contracted Denise to provide crafting instruction at the library we had NO idea that not only would she deliver such consistently high quality instruction to our library customers, but that she would become one of the top draws of all our library programs, combined. We are truly happy to be in partnership with someone we consider to be among the true gems of the North Shore.
— Chris Koth, North Vancouver City Library, Crafternoon partner

Denise is one of the most positive people I know. She believes in everyone's potential... And does it with such infectious enthusiasm that you can't help but believe in yourself too!
— Surya, Capilano U, instructor

Denise is a pleasure to work with - a fountain of positive energy, an engaging teacher, and the definition of a 'people person'. She's someone who actively reaches out to others and creates connections between people - a community creator in a city that often prefers to be cool and passive.
— Kat, Our Social Fabric, Crafternoon partner

With her energy and enthusiasm, Denise makes everyone feel welcome and excited about creating. She always manages to create amazing work that not only is fun to make, but by upcycling materials, helps the environment as well.
— Heather, Crafternoon participant

Denise is a great teacher, very knowledgeable and enthusiastic; but also able to give the freedom to explore and create in our own ways. It is a testament to her skills as a workshop facilitator that she can take a room full of strangers and turn them into a buzzing hive of fun, laughter and activity.
— Sampson, Tahi, Deborah & David, Crafternoon participants

Not only can Denise be relied on to consistently deliver inclusive and creative library programming, she is a true joy to work with. With her infectious warmth and positive attitude, Denise forms a lasting connection with everyone she meets and is a true asset to her community.
— Mikale Fenton, North Vancouver City Library, Crafternoon partner