There's nothing more fun and fulfilling than taking something that's been discarded and turning it into something fabulous... Whether it's from the dump, the thrift store or even your recycle bin - the possibilities are endless!

I've always been a garage sale and thrift store junky but when I moved to the Sunshine Coast I found the most awesomest finds at the Sechelt dump and Gibsons Recycling Depot. Those were the days! $1 chairs, $4 dressers... Books, home decor items. You name it, they had it!

These days I'm not working too much with furniture but darn I miss those days! I've carried coffee tables, rocking chairs and more for long distances... Yup a true upcycler knows exactly what I'm talking about! Oh and I'm that coworker that you bring your empty cereal boxes to. Yup - I wear that badge with a lot of honour!